Q: Where are your knives made?
A: We have a carefully selected production partner in Asia. The knife is almost 70% handcrafted by top professional bladesmiths.

Q: The colors and general appearance of the handles seem to vary. Why is this?
A: The layered construction of the Outback™ handles requires them to be built almost entirely by hand. The leather and wood used in their construction also has some natural variation, so every knife is almost guaranteed to be unique.

Q: I have heard that 440C steel cannot be forged, yet the specifications say the Outback™ has a forged 440C blade. What's up with that?
A: There is no practical or theoretical reason why 440C could not be forged and tempered. This myth is quite simply not true.

Q: Is Down Under Knives planning to produce any other designs?
A: Yes, we are going to extend our product range with some quite interesting new models in the near future. Look to these pages for the latest information.

Q: The Outback™ is a pretty heavy knife, but not nearly as blade heavy as one would expect. Why is that?
A: The knife is designed to balance well for practical use. The weight of the blade is very effectively offset by the heavy tang and solid brass pommel and guard.

Q: Where can I get one?
A: The Where to buy page lists all current distributors and online dealers.
The list is continually updated as new dealers start to carry the Down Under Knives brand.